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Wassssssup? - This is the place where everybody knows your name. It's displayed right there afterall. Talk about your day-to-day life, complain about your co-workers, and just plain chew the fat.

Beyond Love - A place to ask questions and engage in mature discussions about sexuality between consenting adults and all its variations: fantasies, fetishes, sexual philosophy, and alternative lifestyles. Everyone is welcome, but intolerance towards the sexual preferences of others isn't. Participants, other than the Olsen Twins, must be 18 years of age or older.

Welcome Home - A place to talk about everything that makes a house a home! Parenting, Decorating, Gardening, and Cooking. If it pertains to your family or your home this is the place to discuss it.

Festivus - A place to celebrate the arts and share a laugh. Be it movies, music, television, poetry, comedy, or anything creative, this is the room for you.

Keyboard - A place to share ideas, ask technical or not so technical questions, and get answers about computing. You need not be tech savvy to post here, maybe we can even help you find the ever elusive 'any key'.

The Symposium - Religion, politics, philosophy, literature. From Buddah to Bush, Confucius to Clancy, you can discuss it in The Symposium.

Bosco's Bowl - Sit around the fire and talk about your pets. Problems? Brags? Pictures or advice to share? Grab a treat on your way in and talk with others owned by their pets.

Body Shop - No, not a place to shop for bodies, it's The Mantel's Health & Fitness forum. Come here to discuss what ails you, or ways to improve upon your workout routine. Whether you're looking to kick the common cold, or learn more about kickboxing class, this is the room for you.

About Face - Come join the fashionable fun and cosmetic chaos in About Face! Discuss fashion, cosmetics, beauty tips, hair care ideas and much more. As an added bonus look for recipes for making your own skin & hair care products!

Among Friends - A safe and supportive atmosphere where those who have been in, are currently in, or who are seriously considering therapy and those who are or have been caretakers of those with emotional problems may come together and share. This is a private forum, for admission please email Markel.


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