The Mantel is a forum for the free & open exchange of ideas, however, we do ask that the following guidelines be adhered to:
  • All members are required to use a real name as opposed to a handle. It need not be your given name, but it must be one that's either traditional or recognizable. Doing so, we feel, helps to foster a community of civility and camaraderie.
  • Lively and even heated discussions are welcome, but personal attacks aren't. Take issue with any idea you wish, or even the person expressing that idea, but we expect all members to do so with a certain amount of decorum.
  • Do not make public, personal grievances. Differences that arise in private, should be dealt with privately.
  • Although messages may contain explicit and somewhat salty wording, only language appropriate for general discussion is allowed within your subject header. Postings containing vulgarity in the subject field will be deleted on sight.
  • The posting of pictures containing nudity is not allowed, nor is the linking to websites with pornographic or fetish-related contents.
  • Posting with mutliple ID's will be considered trolling and is considered grounds for being banned from the forums.
  • Spam-mailing of The Mantel's membership or any other unauthorized advertisements are prohibited and are considered to be a theft of service.

Disclaimer: If you have a serious medical or psychological problem, seek professional help in your area. Advice given within The Mantel's forums are for entertainment purposes only, and are in no way meant to serve as a substitute for professional assistance.


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